When Life is not that Simple

Ok, this post might be the most irrelevant post. I rarely discuss my personal matter, even on my facebook, even to my family, even to anyone. But sometimes, I just need some ‘trash can’ so I could at least minimize my weight.

Yup, let’s start.

Dear God,

First of all, I want to say sorry about all my faults. I know You’re there, watching me. But even so, I always made all my faults without hesitating. But now, I’m feel very confused. So, I just want to come to You. Since I have no one right now to support me.

Everything this world has taught, or to be specific, the closest person that I were respected, who taught me how to do to face the environment. Now I know, there were lies in there.

I always thought that the world could be that simple. If you do bad, you should face your consequences. Even for me. I always face that consequences even when matters is not that bad.

Now I know, that almost all people live on their grey zone. They do something, if that good, they want the reward. If that bad, they always want to avoid the consequences at all cost.

Really confused right now.

I know I’m not anyone judge, but always hoping that they would intentionally face their consequences is really like the pain on the ass. Some of them even get pleased because how they speak not because how they act.

So, God. In the meantime (between my current life and when I’ll see you), please guide me more thoroughly.


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