The Flash (2014) – Season 03 Episode 02 – Paradox

Barry learns of several changes to the restored timeline: Iris has not forgiven Joe for concealing that her mother was alive, Cisco is angry with him for not altering the timeline to save his brother Dante, and he has a new CSI partner, Julian Albert, who does not like or trust him. Barry decides to travel back to fix the damage, but he is intercepted in 1998 by Jay Garrick. Jay tells Barry that the timeline never resets exactly and he has to learn to live with his mistakes. Meanwhile, Clariss has visions of “Flashpoint” and locates the person responsible, Alchemy, who restores Clariss’ powers and full “Flashpoint” memories. Barry tells the team about the timeline’s alterations before confronting Clariss at an abandoned warehouse. Alchemy is there as well, saying that he is “preparing this world” for a future event. Cisco arrives and helps Barry defeat Clariss, who is then incarcerated in Iron Heights. The team determines that Alchemy is creating other metahumans from “Flashpoint” whom they need to track down. Cisco and Barry reconcile, as do Iris and Joe. Caitlin is secretly revealed to have gained cryokinetic powers. Barry and Iris begin dating, and Clariss is attacked in his cell.

Original air date: October 11, 2016
Writter: Aaron Helbing, Todd Helbing

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