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Kamen Rider Kiva 06 – LQ – Replay: Humans Are All Music (リプレイ・人間はみんな音楽)

In 1986, Ryo Itoya, the Spider Fangire, abducts Yuri, taking her to a fun house to have her as his bride after giving her a makeover. Otoya meets Shima, who reveals himself as head of the Aozora, a group dedicated to defeating the Fangire Race, offering Otoya a position in the Fangire Hunters in return […]

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Kamen Rider Kiva 05 – LQ – Duet: Stalker Panic (二重奏・ストーカーパニック)

In 1986, Otoya stalks Yuri, following her to Café mald’amour, attempting to woo her until a mysterious man, Jiro, tosses him out before having coffee. The next day, Otoya arrives at the café as Yuri comes out, intent on fighting Jiro as they duke it out in a fist fight with Yuri leaving in a […]

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Kamen Rider Kiva 04 – LQ – Reverie: Wild Blue (夢想・ワイルドブルー)

In 1986, Yuri continues her investigation of Otoya, witnessing him ruin the life of another man named Yūji Tachikawa. She later presents the results of her investigation to Shima, whom he decides is not a potential Fangire Hunter.

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Kamen Rider Kiva 03 – LQ – Heroic: Perfect Hunter (英雄・パーフェクトハンター)

In 1986, Yuri finds Otoya while he is flirting with a young lady, intent to get her weapon back from him. Suddenly, the Moth Fangire attacks Otoya until Yuri regained her weapon, forcing the Fangire to retreat. After reporting to Shima at the Café mald’amour, Yuri is told to investigate Otoya in order to see […]

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Kamen Rider Kiva 02 – LQ – Suite: Father/Son Violin (組曲・親子のバイオリン)

In 1986, Yuri is ordered by Shima to protect a beautiful violinist named Hitomi Miyazawa that may be targeted by a mysterious Fangire that is attacking female violinists. Hitomi happens to be a student under Otoya Kurenai, learning that he is a master violinist who quit his profession for reasons unknown.

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Kamen Rider Kiva 01 – LQ – Fate: Wake Up! (運命・ウェイクアップ!)

In 1986, at a funeral, a recently deceased man wakes up from his coffin and transforms into a monster known as Fangire. After he attacks a young woman, draining her of her Life Energy and turning her into a material similar to glass, the Spider Fangire is confronted by a woman named Yuri Aso, who […]

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