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Observium – Add Linux Distro Name

After using Observium for a while, I realize that all Linux device doesn’t have distro name (such as Debian, CentOS, etc) on them. It means that all Linux device will be displayed as Generic Linux without distinctive information what distro they are using for. Luckily, Observium has kindly enough to give a script that would […]

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UniFi Controller behind Apache Reverse Proxy (and SSL)

UniFi Controller is some kind of portal that could be used to manage your UniFi Access Point. In this tutorial, we will move UniFi Controller behind Apache Reverse Proxy. The front end should be Apache Web Server. This tutorial is created using Debian 8 as the OS for Apache and UniFi Controller. This tutorial is […]

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Debian Cinnamon Brightness Key

After installing fresh Debian 8 with Cinnamon desktop manager on my work laptop, I noticed that my brightness keys (Fn-F5 or Fn-F6) doesn’t do anything. Both the Power Management and Display Settings doesn’t have those settings to increase or decrease brightness. After a quick googling, I found out that I need to add some entries […]

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