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Road to Nicotine Free: What do I feel?

It’s already 1 week since my last smoke. Yup, 1 week only, but trust me, those days are really tough. What do I feel? First days were tough, emotional stress, urge to smoke again, and to feel all of those nicotine symptoms occurs at the same time were really annoying. 3 days without enough sleep […]

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WannaCrypt Microsoft Patch Mirror

Listed below are mirror patch download for update to PREVENT wannacrypt ransomware. It seems Microsoft server got really busy right now. Windows XP: https://tonggoes.ga/repo/wannacrypt_patch/WindowsXP-KB4012598-x86-Embedded-Custom-ENU.exe Windows 8: https://tonggoes.ga/repo/wannacrypt_patch/Windows8-RT-KB4012598-x64-custom.msu Note: Those patch seems to be effective for prevention methods only. If you has already infected, then those patch might not help much but at least will decrease the infection rate […]

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Indonesia: Largest Archipelago Needs Good Connectivity

Yesterday, April 21 2017, might be as well as a little disaster for Internet access in Indonesia. Two global International Exchange (IX) providers that provide Internet access to worldwide has been shutdown because of technical problem on their backbone. Those two were Telkom and Indosat and this black out has impacted the connectivity nation-wide. “Ada […]

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When Life is not that Simple

Ok, this post might be the most irrelevant post. I rarely discuss my personal matter, even on my facebook, even to my family, even to anyone. But sometimes, I just need some ‘trash can’ so I could at least minimize my weight. Yup, let’s start. Dear God, First of all, I want to say sorry […]

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Android Wear 2.0 on Asus ZenWatch 2 – When????

After seeing the “press” release from Asus that Android Wear 2.0 will come on early Q2 2017, but a little pessimistic when Google said the roll out would be delayed due to some bugs. I still got a high hope that Asus will roll out the update anytime soon. Yes, Asus ZenWatch doesn’t have any […]

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November 4th 2016. A little note

Wrote this on November 5th. Yesterday, I realize that this country is still immature. Hope that everything will be ok now. Hope that everyone will realize to fight together as a nation for a greater threat rather than divided just like a few centuries ago. Hope that God will make all things beautiful in His […]

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