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Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 04 – Episode 02 – Coral Palms Pt. 2

Jake and Holt get arrested by Sheriff Reynolds (Jim O’Heir), a local deputy, after a misunderstanding when they purchase guns to take down Figgis. During this time, Figgis sees the viral video and captures U.S. Marshal Karen Haas. Jake and Holt eventually break out of jail and decide to call the Nine-Nine for help. Meanwhile, […]

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Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 04 – Episode 01 – Coral Palms Pt. 1

Six months after being threatened to be killed by Figgis, Jake and Holt continue to live in the Witness Protection Program in Florida, with the only contact to their previous job being U.S. Marshal Karen Haas (Maya Rudolph). While Holt makes the best of a bad situation, Jake desperately wants to go back home to […]

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