MacGyver 2016 – Season 01 Episode 02 – Metal Saw

In the two weeks after Nikki escapes FBI custody, MacGyver has been going to Nikki’s apartment, trying to find something that will lead him to her. The team get an assignment to rescue Sarah Adler, Jack’s former partner and ex-girlfriend from the CIA, who has been disavowed due to being captured. Sarah has been captured in Venezuela while trying to steal the ledger of an arms dealer. Together, the team rescues Sarah and the ledger, as well as take down the dealer. Sarah is reunited with her fiance. At the end of the episode, Mac finds a secret compartment at Nikki’s place, containing passports of Nikki’s aliases. Meanwhile, Riley meets with her parole officer, with Bozer portraying her boyfriend. In exchange, Riley will give Bozer a digit of her phone number each week.

Original air date: September 30, 2016
Writter: Craig O’Neill

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