Lucifer Season 03 Episode 01

Lucifer encounters a fleeing criminal and steals his clothes before getting the police to return him to Los Angeles. He asks Linda to remove his wings, but she refuses. Chloe brings him onto a new case: a dehydrated corpse found in the desert where Lucifer woke up, overseen by her new lieutenant: Marcus Pierce. The body turns out to be that of a wealthy man, and his close friend reveals that he paid “kidnappers” to prank the victim. While attempting to restore his wings, Amenadiel discovers a severed pair from Lucifer. Lucifer tries to show Chloe his true “devilface”, but can’t. To lure out the “kidnappers”, Pierce instructs Dan to get himself kidnapped, which Lucifer arranges. However, it turns out that he is the real target, since he suspects the kidnappers to be behind his own abduction. He interrogates them and learns that the dead man was turned over to another kidnapper. The man reveals that he was hired by the “sinner man”, a mysterious crime boss, to abduct Lucifer. Lucifer, whose wings grew back after he cut them off again, initially suspects that God restored his wings as punishment for sending Charlotte to a void but eventually comes to believe that it was “something darker” connected to the “sinner man.”

Original air date: October 2, 2017
Writer: Ildy Modrovich

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