Keep Local Copy of your E-Mail using Thunderbird

Even when e-mail providers like Google or Yahoo give you plenty of storage, it’s very recommended to keep your e-mail backed up with local copy on your own computer. Any corporate e-mail users (which generally have a limited amount of storage) that have access to their email using IMAP or POP3 could have benefit from this trick also.

The main purpose of this trick is to keep your e-mail locally (on your own computer of course) and optionally free up some space for any old mails that you had. I’m using Thunderbird for this trick. Any other e-mail client (like Outlook) could made some adjustment to implement this trick (Yeah, it’s not a new trick, rather old ones, that many people seems forgot).

  1. Install Thunderbird –

    It’s so obvious, Thunderbird is open source, free, and very very reliable e-mail client.

  2. Add your IMAP Account to Thunderbird

    You need to add your IMAP Account information. Sometimes you’ll get luck when Thunderbird could get those information for you.

  3. Wait for your mail populated (e.g: Downloading progress finished)

    Waiting time. Depends on how large of your e-mails. It could be minutes or hours. Be patient.

  4. Create new Local Folder

    This folder will be saved locally (of offline, if you like that word).

  5. Back to your Inbox, select which e-mail you want to copy (for backup) or move (for backup and free up some space on the server)

    If you want to access those email on another device (Webmail, your android smartphone, your other e-mail client), Use Copy not Move.

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