Kamen Rider Kiva 05 – LQ – Duet: Stalker Panic (二重奏・ストーカーパニック)

In 1986, Otoya stalks Yuri, following her to Café mald’amour, attempting to woo her until a mysterious man, Jiro, tosses him out before having coffee. The next day, Otoya arrives at the café as Yuri comes out, intent on fighting Jiro as they duke it out in a fist fight with Yuri leaving in a huff. By the time they stop fighting, Yuri is captured by the Spider Fangire.

In 2008, after using egg shells in another varnish experiment, Wataru tries to hold a mini-concert and play his violin to his neighbors so he can stop being a recluse. However, it ends horribly with Wataru’s nervousness effecting his playing, scaring everyone away. Needing to build up his confidence, Wataru finds Nago, who is using his position as Megumi’s bodyguard, much to her annoyance, to find Kiva. Hearing Wataru’s pleas, Nago accepts, having Wataru follow Megumi in his stead. When he starts to follow Megumi, Wataru meets another man named Noboru, an obsessive fan who lies that Nago also gave him orders to follow her. Following her to the Make R modeling studio, Noboru has Wataru enter Megumi’s dressing room and go into her purse just as Megumi finds him. At the Café, Megumi gives Nago a piece of her mind as Wataru learns the truth behind Noboru. The next day, Megumi is later encountered by Noboru, who asks for Megumi’s autograph and then her, revealing himself as the Sheep Fangire.

Following her at the time, Wataru becomes Kiva and battles the Sheep Fangire, countering the Fangire’s speed in Garulu Form, with Megumi offering her aid. Before the fight could progress any further, Nago arrives and was about to fight Kiva when the Sheep Fangire escapes with Megumi in his grasp.

Original air date: February 24, 2008
Writer: Toshiki Inoue
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