Kamen Rider Kiva 01 – LQ – Fate: Wake Up! (運命・ウェイクアップ!)

In 1986, at a funeral, a recently deceased man wakes up from his coffin and transforms into a monster known as Fangire. After he attacks a young woman, draining her of her Life Energy and turning her into a material similar to glass, the Spider Fangire is confronted by a woman named Yuri Aso, who attempts to destroy him before he escapes. Later, at the Café mald’amour, Yuri’s employer Mamoru Shima tells her to target a young businessman named Kaoru Tsugami, who actually is the Horse Fangire. She finds Tsugami as he is about to eat his sixth secretary, but he calls his bodyguards to hold her off. Though she manages to give them the slip, she is too late to save the woman as she fights the Horse Fangire. However, before the fight could go any further, she is stopped by the man she met while escaping Tsugami’s bodyguards: Otoya Kurenai. This little distraction allowed Tsugami to escape.

Twenty-two years later in 2008, a young man named Wataru Kurenai is gathering fish bones for a project of his to create the ultimate violin varnish, attracting the attention of Yuri’s daughter, Megumi Aso, who makes him realize he is not allergic to the world. Megumi soon attracts Tsugami’s attention, inviting her to model for his studio as an excuse to feed on her. However, Megumi uses Tsugami’s scheme to get to him to finish what her mother started. Angry for being tricked, Tsugami assumes his true form and attempts to kill Megumi until Wataru arrives, with Kivat-bat the 3rd allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Kiva and battle the Horse Fangire. After Kiva shatters the Fangire with his Darkness Moon Break, Castle Doran emerges to devour the Horse Fangire’s soul before it can escape. Once the fight ends, however, Megumi attempts to take down Kiva.

Original air date: January 27, 2008
Writer: Toshiki Inoue
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