Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Episode 01 – I’m a Kamen Rider!

I’m a 仮面ライダー!

Eight year old Emu Hojo is given emergency surgery following an accident. Once he regains consciousness, a doctor gives him a gamepad as a reward for hanging in. Sixteen years later, Emu is a dedicated but clumsy pediatrics intern at Seito University Hospital, who games in his free time. One of his patients, a boy named Sota who is suffering from an unknown ailment, attempts to escape. While chasing Sota, Emu runs into Asuna Karino, who is searching for the mysterious master gamer “M”. Sota suddenly collapses with a headache, and Emu notices strange bumps coming from his neck. Without explanation, Asuna has him help bring Sota to a secret room in the hospital. Remembering the gesture the doctor gave to him as a child, Emu attempts to raise Sota’s spirits by bringing him to the premiere of the Mighty Action X Game he wanted to see. At the event, he runs into Asuna again, who was searching for M at the premiere. She scolds him for bringing Sota out, but Sota collapses and turns into a monster. While escaping, Asuna explains that Sota has infected by a computer virus called the Bugster, which will multiply in its host until it completely takes over: the only way to save them is using the Gamer Driver, but not everybody can use it. Without permission, Emu takes the Gamer Driver Asuna was planning to give to M, and uses it to become a Kamen Rider, revealing that he is M during the fight. He manages to extract the Salty Bugster from Sota and defeat it. Asuna takes Emu to the CR, which stands as the base of operations for the fight against Bugster, before revealing herself to be Poppi Pipopapo, a video game character who acts as a navigator. She explains to Emu that he will have to clear 10 games to become the “Ultimate Doctor”, labeling him Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Original air date: October 2, 2016
Writer: Yuya Takahashi

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