Indonesia: Largest Archipelago Needs Good Connectivity

Yesterday, April 21 2017, might be as well as a little disaster for Internet access in Indonesia. Two global International Exchange (IX) providers that provide Internet access to worldwide has been shutdown because of technical problem on their backbone. Those two were Telkom and Indosat and this black out has impacted the connectivity nation-wide.

“Ada gangguan dua kaki backbone bersamaan. Di Batam kena efek sambaran petir, di Rengat FO putus. Trafik terganggu 50%. Sedang diupayakan secepatnya up,” ungkap Direktur Network Telkom Group, Abdus Somad Arief kepada detikINET, Kamis (20/4/2017).

One day earlier, Matrix Cable System, that also provides IX has been experiencing troubles too.Their Matrix Cable System is currently experiencing a Sub-sea cable break at an estimated distance of 50 Km from Jakarta toward Singapore, furthermore add another breakdown for Internet connectivity in Indonesia.

Although annoying, but in my opinion, this breakdown is not as severe as several years ago when Indosat IX service was interrupted because of Sub-sea cable cut. So, there are some improvement on IX service in this country.

We could only hope that problems like this will not happened again. Some note must be taken that we could not relied only to wired connectivity, since (like the title said) this country is the largest archipelago on earth, wireless connectivity must be build on every island, at least for backup purpose.

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