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Road to Nicotine Free: What do I feel?

It’s already 1 week since my last smoke. Yup, 1 week only, but trust me, those days are really tough. What do I feel? First days were tough, emotional stress, urge to smoke again, and to feel all of those nicotine symptoms occurs at the same time were really annoying. 3 days without enough sleep […]

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When Life is not that Simple

Ok, this post might be the most irrelevant post. I rarely discuss my personal matter, even on my facebook, even to my family, even to anyone. But sometimes, I just need some ‘trash can’ so I could at least minimize my weight. Yup, let’s start. Dear God, First of all, I want to say sorry […]

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November 4th 2016. A little note

Wrote this on November 5th. Yesterday, I realize that this country is still immature. Hope that everything will be ok now. Hope that everyone will realize to fight together as a nation for a greater threat rather than divided just like a few centuries ago. Hope that God will make all things beautiful in His […]

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